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How to Play

Blind 31 is a fairly simple card game to learn how to play. Below you will find the Quick Rules which will allow you to start playing the game in less than five minutes. More in depth rules are included in the Official Rules of Blind 31 printable pdf document. If you are interested in different variations of play please review the Alternate Versions of Play printable pdf document.

See our Video below to help you understand the game and different situations that may arise during the course of play.

"I was never a big fan of card games, but because I can observe everyone's cards while playing I enjoy this game very much and play it regularly with friends" ... Jesse B

Quick Rules

  • Each player receives three cards face down. Do not look at cards.
  • Top card is turned over and placed in discard pile. Player can either take the face-up card or top card from stockpile.
  • Player either replaces one of their own cards without looking or places card in discard pile.
  • Object of game is to add numerical value of cards of the same suit to get as close to 31 as possible.
  • Face cards have value of 10
    Ace is 11
    Three-of-a-Kind is 30.5
  • Once one player has turned up all 3 cards, each player gets one more turn.
  • Lowest score loses one of their 3 counters.
  • If first player gets 31 and no other player ties, all other players lose 1 counter.
  • If first player to flip up gets lowest score, they lose all of their counters (when 4 players or more are playing).

Special Cards


Can be any numerical value 11 to 2. The suit must be nominated when played.

Take All

Getting 3 of these cards allows you to win the entire game. Numerical value of 3.5.


Changes direction of play when played on discard pile. Has no numerical value.


Next player to act misses their turn when played on discard pile. Has no numerical value.


When played on discard pile, next person to act can take one card from any player and switch with one of their own.


When played on the discard pile, next person to act can switch their complete hand with any other player.

For Swap & Scramble Cards:

Player can not switch with a player who has turned up all three cards. Suit does not have to be nominated when played in hand. Note: Takes effect when card is discarded on the action pile, not when in player's hand. Numerical value of 5.5.

Official Rules of Blind 31

Official rules of Blind 31

This document includes in depth rules of Blind 31.

Alternate Versions of Play

Alternate rules of play

This document summarizes different versions of play including Heads-Up, Blind 31 Pursuit and Team Play.

"We were looking for a new idea for a game to play after dinner with friends we had invited over for dinner. Blind 31 was the perfect game that provided hours of fun and allowed us to share many laughs together" ... Rick and Samantha F